If you are looking at idea

of having a totally live band

for your evening entertainment...

The Stiff Upper Lips can offer the following;


* 2 hours of live music from the band

with set times tailored to suit your plans.


Usually these are 2 x 1 hour sets

with a break in between of either

15 min, 20 min, 30 min, 45 min or 1 hour.

* Play music before/between/after

sets if required, saving you money

on having a DJ.

You are welcome to provide

your own playlist and can

usually plug in any device

with a headphone socket,

such as MP3/iPod/Laptop etc.


We are happy to play music

through our PA for 1 hour after

our last set whilst we pack down.

* Fully insured and all equipment is safety checked.

* With regard to setting up our equipment, 

we require approximately 90 mins. 



Please feel free to email 

any questions you may have

and request a quote for

your special day.